eBay Australia to restrict payment method to PayPal

    eBay PayPal

    Thousands of Australian ebay users are outraged by new plans to make PayPal the only payment option for eBay Australia from June 17. The problem is PayPal is owned by eBay, so not only will you pay eBay for the sale, but then pay again to collect the money you’ve made from the sale – effectively double-dipping.

    eBay points to the additional security that PayPal provides as the reason for the move.

    Currently users have multiple options to pay for the goods they purchase on eBay – direct payment, credit card, paypal, c.o.d. etc. Cash on Delivery will be the only alternative, however the number of eBay transactions that actually result in a in-person physical handover would be minimal.

    Given this is the first case of this around the world, it looks very much like a trial what may be rolled out across eBay sites world-wide. I can’t see somewhere like America accepting this, nor should we.

    An online petition has been created, collecting over 8800 signatures already, most with heated comments.

    More @ AustralianIT.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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