eBay gift engine has you covered for the last minute Xmas ideas


Christmas is almost here and as always it arrived faster than anyone planned. With just just over 2 weekends of shopping left before the big day, there’s no time for window shopping. What you need is a tool that will get you right to the list of what you need to buy.

Thankfully eBay have created a app called ‘The gift engine’. This leverages Facebook in multiple ways, the first is to get a list of your friends, then the things your friend or family member Likes. Armed with this information, they produce a list of gift ideas.

My experience is that suggested gifts can be a little off the mark, usually caused by your friends hitting Like on random pages. The good thing is that there are actually some real gems in the recommendations, you may just have to spend some time hitting the more button to get to them.

While not a perfect solution, I love that someone is taking a technology solution to an age old problem. Where I’d love to see it go in the future is to analyse your friends posts in the past 12 months and pickup any time the user post ‘I want xyz’ or ‘would love one of xyz’. Of course it’d also have to be smart enough to look for any posts of the friend posting that they got product xyz.

Of course it’s built by eBay, so results link you to buy on eBay,  but of course you don’t have to. Get the list of suggestions and go buy them wherever you want.


Head to http://ebaygiftengine.com.au/ to try it out.

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