eBay selling 15 iPhones every hour since April [Sponsored]


The Apple iPhone 5S and 5C just shipped, so did the Lumia 1020, the Galaxy S4 and many, many other smartphones. When Apple revolutionized the smartphone market, something else they created was the need to deal with your old model phone as you upgrade to the latest and greatest. With an increase in phone release cycles, consumers now need a solution to this problem more than ever. We’re way past the simple hand me down, now we need to have a sensible way to move old phones and more broadly old technology. One of the best options available is the massive marketplace, eBay.

Australians have a whopping $15 million worth of old phones sitting in drawers eBay and CNET have teamed up to show you how to prepare yours ready to sell it. Apple products like the iPhone actually have a tendency to retain their price pretty well and this is reflected on eBay, now couldn’t be a better time to sell yours.

Keen to upgrade your iPhone but nervous of selling an old device containing personal information? Watch this video from friend of techAU, Seamus Byrne as from CNET Australia, to learn how to remove all personal data from your Apple device so that you can sell it safely.

If you haven’t been to eBay for a while, you should take a visit, but there’s also apps for Windows 8 as well as all modern smartphone OSs. You could use your new phone to sell your old one and recoup some of the cost of the new one. If you want in on the action, you should check out their Seller Centre for more information about selling on eBay – http://www.sellercentre.ebay.com.au.

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