Edward Snowden goes on Joe Rogan’s podcast, 4 Million views in less than 24hrs

What happens when one of the most famous internet celebrities goes on one of the highest-ranking podcasts in the world? 4 Million views in less than a day is what happens.

Snowden is famously the American whistleblower who exposed highly classified information from the National Security Agency back in 2013. His story then got made into a feature film, simply titled ‘Snowden‘ in 2016. Since then he has toured the world (at least digitally) continuing the fight to raise awareness about privacy.

Edward Snowden has appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast and it seems to have struck a chord with the audience. Rogan has a healthy subscriber base of 6.57 million on YouTube which drives hundreds of thousands, to millions of views per episode.

As recently as 1 month ago, Rogan had famous comedian Bill Burr on the show and is only sitting at 3.8Million after 30 days. Episode #1368 with Snowden reached that in less than 1 day.

Rogan specialises in long-form interviews and Snowden’s lasts almost 2.5 hours. During the episode, the two discuss a lot about the US Government, security, technology and if you’re reading this site, chances are you’ll enjoy the chat.

Check out the Joe Rogan Experience Episode #1368 featuring Edward Snowden below.

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