Election day: Vote once, Vote Fibre #AusVotes


While more than 3 million Australian’s have already voted early, today is election day and it’s time to cast your vote. There’s plenty of issues on the table this year, from boat people, to maternity leave, transport, cost of living and budget issues. But there’s a single issue that will impact almost every other.

The NBN got a pretty average run during the campaign, especially given it’s the largest infrastructure project (at least until high speed rail gets funded). What many seem to fail to understand is the massive potential that is afforded by rolling out the ultimate connectivity to all Australians.

Fibre to the premises means that we are no longer hamstrung by the technology, only by our creativeness. Health, Education, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship will all be disrupted by applications and services built on top of the FTTP infrastructure. The project is behind schedule, there’s no doubt about that. But the solution isn’t to change approach, the solution is to train an army of glass-enabled installers across the country and get it done.

The funding is large, there’s no doubt about it, but the difference with this bucket of cash is that its an investment, something that will make money in consumer monthly costs and taxes from the businesses that emerge as a result.

Australians get one vote and with so many issues on the table, we need to choose the most important one to vote on. So today I urge you, change the future of Australia with a vote for NBN. While the FTTN Coalition model of quicker and cheaper is an inviting alternative, it doesn’t get put leap Australia forward in the world and will leave us back to the bank inside the next decade.

Vote once, Vote Fibre (FTTP), Vote Labor.

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