Elon Musk and Joe Rogan interview is far more interesting than anything on TV this weekend

What are you up to this weekend? Chances are, many of you tech fans are also sport fans, so you’ll have some deep plans to watch plenty of finals football. While competitive sport is fun to watch, there’s something else I challenge you to watch this weekend.

Overnight Joe Rogan interview Elon Musk on his podcast and it’s certainly created a storm online. After only being up for a few hours, it already has more than 3 million views and growing fast. 

The episode runs for around 2.5 hours and at least for the first part is an eye opening look at a casual Musk that talks about how he manages his time between Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring Company. He speaks a lot about his concerns about AI. 

On the more controversial side, Musk chose to smoke weed on the podcast, while legal in the US state he did it in (Los Angeles, CA), the podcast is watched by the world where its often banned, including Australia. While previous US Presidents have admitted to try it, this is definitely a move that is controversial and many people won’t like. By comparison, Steve Jobs admitted (although never caught on video) to doing psychedelics to expand the mind. That was a very different time.

Since the podcast has gone live, it has been revealed that a couple of senior executives at Tesla have resigned, basically due to challenging working conditions, not anything said or done in the interview. 

The stock market has reacted poorly to the casual Musk, but its important to remember whatever happens during an interview, doesn’t change the fundamentals of the company or the work being done by tens of thousands of hard working employees. 

If you’re into science, technology, engineering or just want a window into the future as Musk sees it, then watch the full interview below, you’ll certainly learn more from it than you do from sports ball. 

It may be helpful to have a strong drink nearby. 

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