Elon Musk dissapears a Model S underground, into a Boring tunnel

    Elon Musk has just dissapeared a Model S into the ground. This comes as his new Boring company’s plan to lower vehicles from the street, underground into high-speed tunnels. Of course we can’t let humans drive cars at the ridiculous speeds, so these underground tunnels will be filled with regular cars on high-speed skates that speed you through the tunnel to your destination, beating the congestion above ground that plagues our cities.

    Musk has bold ideas and the difference between him and, well a crazy person is that he has a unique ability to turn those lofty, futuristic ideas into reality. It was only April this year when The Boring Company published their preview of what’s to come in the future, but come July, the 3D renders are now reality.

    Lowering the car into the ground is obviously just the start of the process, with the kilometers of tunnels an high-speed, electric skates are the hardest part. Only with these key components can our underground transport future become a reality. Creating a car elevator in the car park of SpaceX is one thing, but there’s a big issue that still needs to be solved. You can’t just open a large hole in the street and risk pedestrians and other vehicles falling in it. There’ll have to be some kind of temporary cover system in place until the lift returns.

    Check out the Instagram post from Elon Musk to see the vehicle lift in action. For more information, check out

    Testing The Boring Company car elevator

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