Elon Musk to Live Stream FSD V12 now!

    Elon Musk has confirmed he’ll be live-streaming FSD V12 (not yet released) tonight in Palo Alto. It was confirmed he’s driving a Model S (not a Cybertruck as some hoped).

    In an X Space, Musk commented that the new build is fairly indistinguishable to the production build on the highway, as that’s pretty easy, while the livesstream will focus on city streets where he says it works really well and it’s super smooth.

    With V12 being end-to-end, it requires a lot of data to train on, but very few lines of code.

    Musk commented that Tesla has spent $2 Billion on training compute (a bunch of that was acquiring hardware) and Elon expects to spend more next year. He went on to confirm that Tesla will continue to buy Nvidia GPUs alongside developing Dojo.

    Elon says they’re working 24/7 on this problem and Tesla is working on scaling out a 10,000-unit Nvidia H100 cluster.

    Elon Musk confirms the car today will be HW3 and HW4 is still not supported (yet). He mentioned that with a photon in, control out system, they need to retrain specifically for HW4 as the photons from upgraded cameras.

    This raises questions about the camera differences in Tesla Semi, Cybertruck and future Tesla vehicles.

    Musk says he’s going to drop pins randomly on the map to ensure we know it’s not a pre-planned route.

    Update, the stream is now live.

    Musk commented on the stream, that there are no lines of code that tell it how to turn the corner, to deal with construction, roundabouts etc, they simply showed the AI a whole bunch of video training data and it learned how to drive.

    Musk says the pure AI version runs faster than the version with heuristic code. It appears the passenger in the car is the head of Autopilot, Ashok Elluswamy who was discussing V12 with Musk.

    While most of the drive was fairly normal, one big new feature in V12 is the ability to pull over to the gutter to park at the of a route. You can see on the Model S visualisation it detects the gutter (indicated in red).

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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