Elon Musk wishes he could build a vertical take off, hypersonic electric jet


Elon Musk may is currently running two amazing companies SpaceX and Tesla simultaneously. It’s an amazing feat given most entrepreneurs struggle to focus on a single project, let alone two or three if we include his contributions to Solar City as well.

This week Musk will unveil detailed plans for a new transportation system called Hyperloop. While he doesn’t have the time to build it himself, he will make the plans available for someone else to take on the project. Musk believes that the fast rail system planned for the US is not really going to move the needle on the traffic issues and will cost an unnecessary amount. So far all we know is that it’s likely to include underground tunnels that uses a near frictionless method to move passengers at close to the speed of sound. Expect the full detail on Monday (US time).

Every time you think you’ve heard about the project that will be Musk’s legacy project, he adds another. During an entrepreneur hangout this week with Richard Branson, Musk was asked a question.. what’s next?

If I were to start another company in the future, which I don’t think would be any time soon.. it would be to try and create an aircraft that is supersonic, vertical take off and landing, electric jet. I think that’s kind of the ultimate mode of transport.

He went on to detail why this aircraft would be so important. The environmental impact of an electric aircraft means that noise is almost non existent. Being supersonic, it would be very fast and with the right geometry, you could keep the sonic boom to the around the same as it is now (with military aircraft). By having vertical takeoff and landing, you can land much closer to your destination and avoid incredibly long runways. It’s a bold idea and something Musk says, someone else should make. It’d be hard to find a man on earth with bigger ideas than Elon Musk.

One of the most inspirational lines from the hangout was from Richard Branson, who said

Dream big and one day hopefully those dreams may become reality.

Watch the Hangout With Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson talking about entrepreneurship, space travel and other exciting projects below. Thanks to
for getting these two very successful businessmen to give up their time and share their thoughts with the world for free. Seriously appreciated.

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