Elon says Holiday Software update will deliver “FSD sneak preview”

In a fairly juicy, fairly sparse tweet this afternoon, Elon Musk has suggested there’s a Christmas present coming for Tesla owners this holidays.

In a new software update (due any day now), it will offer an ‘FSD preview’. While there’s no detail on exactly what this means, it is important timing as FSD was supposed to be feature complete by the end of 2019.. just 11 days from now.

FSD preview could mean that Tesla owners with HW2.5 or HW3 get to experience the latest iteration of Full Self Driving (navigate on autopilot, automatic lane changes, smart summon, self parking and more) for a limited timeframe, probably a few days to a week.

It could also mean that Tesla are finally ready to show off FSD capabilities at navigating city streets, including stop signs, traffic lights, round abouts crossings etc.

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Either way, a preview of any kind will certainly help Tesla owners (their friends and family) to what’s possible with FSD and help with adoption rates.

Musk also suggested a couple of new games are on the way.. namely Stardew Valley and Lost Backgammon as well as ‘a few other things’. I’d expect that last comment to be tweaks to the UI or extra settings, but we’ll have to wait a few more days before Elon Claus comes to visit.

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