Evolution of the PC

    Speaker from AMD

    Introducing 4 cores this year, 8 cores next year
    Fusion released next year (late 2008/2009) – combines CPU / GPU.
    Using 65nm atm, moving to 32nm next year, then 25nm, reaching limits of making transistors down to the size of atoms. Next evolution to light.
    Currently 65w moving down to 45w, estimation of by 2010 processor power consumption to 20w – heat not longer an issue.
    AMD Live – suite of software packages for Home users, communication, handle data, media centers.
    Fusion price point is aimed at entry level pc’s, top end systems will still required dedicated GPU.
    Games now supporting multi-core, releases in the next month or 2.

    Question to magazine editors about why we haven’t seen processors on front pages, response was the move away from clock speed, and core 2 has ruled processors.

    Speaker form Asus (Emmanuele Silanesu)
    Evolution from dedicated cards to being integrated to motherboard.
    In-car-PC’s and Home Theatre PC’s upcoming areas of development.

    Question about RAID on motherboards – about 1/3 of Asus products.
    EEE PC to begin in Australia later this year. Price point in US is a subsidized – around AU$400 but will contain bluetooth etc.
    I asked if Asus would supply the software for the in-car PC or look at Windows Automotive, he wasn’t sure.

    Speaker from Acer
    Figures show that PC’s are still growing, but not as fast as laptops.
    Acer offering 3ltr Ultra Mobile PC.
    Storage and Media
    Acer to have HD-DVD and Blu-ray RW drives by the end of this year.
    22″ LCD monitors are the sweet spot for price point, 24″ LCD’s will be the best option in the next 12 months.
    Question if Acer will have a 13″ Laptop, response: they currently offer 12’s and 14’s.
    Quantity of 17’s sold is reducing in favour of 19’s in commercial applications.

    Evolution away from PC’s to Laptops, where they’re heading.

    – GPS, access anywhere

    – demonstration of handle on laptop, easier to carry. Consideration of how to carry in vehicle, needs required maybe secure area, could be charged while driving, connect to other car systems.

    – Needs to hold up under most conditions, i.e. direct sunlight.


    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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