EVOS launching new EV charger on July 19th after raising $5 Million of new funding

    We’ve covered the Brisbane-based EV charging company EVOS Energy in the past and today, they have more exciting news. The Aussie startup announced that it has completed a funding round, securing $5m from existing investors.

    EVOS is a start-up that specialises in fleet energy management and AC charging for electric vehicles (EVs). The company initially raised $1.7m back in 2021 to help the company expand its team and commercialise its technology, now a couple of years on, they’re growing further with more funding to help launch and support their next product.

    The investment will enable the company to begin to bring to market new technologies ideal for a number of EV charging use cases to address challenges for EV fleet operators and EV homeowners/renters, among many others.

    This comes at a time where EV adoption in Australia continues to accelerate, with the latest sales figures released today, showing new car sales for June 2023 included 8.8% electric vehicles, up signifcantly from a couple of years ago.

    EVOS was founded by CEO Marcelo Salgado, Chief Experience & Innovation Officer Seshan Weeratunga, and CTO Chris Crossman.

    This investment validates all the hard work the team has put in since we launched our company, and it shows the belief our investors have in a home-grown manufacturer being able to deliver game-changing offerings for Australians.

    Since launching, we’ve unveiled our first charger, the Fleet Home 22 AC Charger and our patented Smart Start solution to help fleet and EV owners simplify and reduce the cost of charging.

    We now have a number of new products on the roadmap and this investment will help bring them to market much more quickly.

    EVOS is founded by CEO Marcelo Salgado;

    EVOS has announced that a new home charger will be launched in Brisbane on Wednesday July 19th. Like the Fleet Home 22 AC Charger, the product is designed to help EV owners simplify and reduce the cost of charging.

    Solutions to address the needs of EV owners

    Since the first round of funding, EVOS has added 22 employees to its manufacturing, sales and engineering departments, while launching its game-changing products.

    We’ve seen tremendous growth not just within our team but the opportunities for electric vehicles in Australia.

    Some of the barriers to EV adoption have gone down and we’re seeing pick-up in sales locally – yet the issue holding EVs back from being the logical and only next vehicle purchase for many people here is the availability of charging infrastructure suited to their requirements. 

    It’s a challenge we’re looking to address with each solution we bring to market.

    Chief Technology Officer Chris Crossman

    The EVOS Fleet Home22 AC Charger was the first Australian-made home charger to be made available on the market. It was designed to help fleet businesses better manage costs and energy, while being easily installable and uninstalled and to simplify the charging experience for drivers.

    Meanwhile, its Energy Management solution – the technology backbone of each of EVOS’ chargers – can instinctively choose the ideal idle time for the charger to charge the vehicle, whether its overnight in non-peak periods or during business hours, for instance.

    It can also control charge rate, speed and power to ensure owners can manage their energy output, thus reducing the costs of charging at home as much as possible.

    “The investment is going to help us build on these market-leading technologies and allow us to deliver our technology roadmap. We aim to make everything simple to use, from installation to charging and energy management. We take this ideal into every product we create, and the result is a user experience that is seamless.”

    Chief Experience & Innovation Officer Seshan Weeratunga

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