EVs are not just cars, with Chinese-based Breton making 1,500 EV loaders

When we think about electric vehicles, our minds instantly go to cars, or maybe trucks, but there’s the reality is that all petrol and diesel-powered vehicle types need to go electric.

Chinese company Breton is going after the challenge of making some larger vehicles into EVs.

Twitter user @DKurac, web media researcher in China, reported earlier this month, that the first of 1,500 front-end loaders have rolled off the production line in Shandong.

The bold, green loaders are said to be capable of a 5 tonne payload with 160kW electric motor that produces around 2,000 Nm of torque.

There’s no word on the battery size, but the operating time is expected to be 5 hours, with a 1 hour recharge time.

While the hour recharge time may sound inconvenient on a high-volume worksite, a long lunch may be an acceptable tradeoff for the zero-emissions and reduced operating noise.

The same attributes that make a electric car inviting, are also great assets for commercial vehicles. A dramatically reduced part list, combined with far less maintenance and running costs, mean the ongoing costs over the life of the vehicle are likely to make for overall savings, despite a higher up-front cost.

Back in March, machinery manufacturer CASE revealed “Project Zeus”, the 580 EV which leveraged a 90kWh lithium-ion battery pack, so the times, they are changing.

IDTechEx released a report on Electric Vehicles in Construction, Agriculture and Mining 2020-2030 earlier in the year and produced a YouTube video that walks through the current situation with industrial equipment and their transition to electric powertrains.

Via Inside EVs.

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