Facebook add promoted posts for Pages

Facebook promoted posts for pages

Facebook have introduced a new feature for those managing Pages. Recently we seen the introduction of promoted posts, but bizarrely this was restricted to personal profiles and not brand pages. Today the is being remedied and as you can see from the image above Promoted Posts are now available on Pages.

There are currently two options for a target audience, people who already Like your page and people who Like your page + their friends. Given most people who Like your page already are likely to see the post, the second option seems the most beneficial to spreading a brand’s message.

There are two pricing options, $5.00 will get you an estimated reach of between 770 and 1,000 people. For $10.00 you can target between 1k and 3k people. These figures are based off the techAU Facebook page which today just passed 400 Likes (thanks guys), other pages may vary.

So what do you think of the introduction of promoted posts? Do you use them on your own page, or if you’re a brand manager, will you now use them on your page?

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