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This morning Facebook have held another event, this time to announce Facebook Deals. After revealling that more than 200 Million Facebook users use mobile devices, it makes sense they allow businesses to leverage that mobile audience. Deals experience builds on Facebook Places to take advantage of business promotions around you. This works similar to Foursquare checkin rewards, only difference is, the store owner has probably heard of Facebook.

One of the issues with Foursquare is its size. While hip metro coffee houses may know of the name, telling the cashier at a country bakery that you just became the mayor would receive a blank stare.

Given Facebook’s amazing market penetration, that brand is instantly recognizable. Facebook Deals Partners can provides benefits when you check in multiple friends with you at a venue (i.e. free entre’s).

There’s a couple of ways for users to see these deals. If you like a business, they can push promotions to you when your close, alternatively users can see the nearby offers from their mobile app. When taking advantage of a deal, users can publish this to their wall so friends learn about it. Hopefully this is optional and doesn’t become spammy.

Facebook deals is launching in the US today, unfortunately they don’t have a date for the international launch.

Other news out from the event is that the Facebook Android app is being updated to add Places support. The update should show up in the market right now.

Single Sign on now allows apps (dedicated or web) to loginto Facebook with a single press if your already logged into Facebook. Currently you have to re-enter your Facebook credentials each time. Let be clear people, Make no mistake people, Facebook has won the login war.

Some interesting announcements, lets hope Australia businesses and users can take advantage of Facebook Deals sooner rather than later.

More information @ Facebook

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