Facebook Sticker Store, is it Facebook’s next money maker ?


    Today Facebook launched their new Stickers option for chat. You can think of these stickers as upgraded emoticons. They currently work on the web and some mobile platforms, namely iOS. They’re a bit of fun and something I doubt I’ll use after testing today, buy I’m not the target demographic.

    Other IM platforms offer similar mood-related graphics to spice up chats and move it beyond what SMS is capable of. There’s a couple of packs that are available by default, but that’s definitely not the end of the story. The right most icon in the chat window now is the Sticker Store.

    While the packs are currently all Free, it’s easy to see this is a platform that Facebook will derive revenue from. The most applicable is the Despicable Me 2 characters, this suggests Facebook will setup deals with movie and entertainment properties.

    Right now none of these are animated, but that’s likely to be just a matter of time. Those Windows Live Messenger users will be familiar with ‘Winks’ which similar to the Facebook Stickers, but were short animations. These also offered the ability to purchase additional items.

    So will you use Stickers on Facebook? Or more important will you pay for new ones? Is this to be Facebook’s next big money spinner ?

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