Facebook to implement aesthetic improvements to Timelines

There aren’t too many Facebook account holders who haven’t rolled over (reluctantly, in most cases) to the latest iteration of the Profile: Timeline. Now, the social networking giant is road testing a new look to users’ Profile Page– on select accounts, at this stage. Take a look;

The new look Facebook Timeline.

The new design is more “compact, by ‘pushing’ a user’s name and personal details upwards to sit in front of one’s Cover image. In addition, Likes are now referred to as Favourites, and Facebook have also added a brand, new tab (entitled Summary) to the mix, which will allow a user’s stalkers friends to view their most important life events at a glance.

The current Facebook Timeline.

Have you been lucky enough to receive this “update” to your Timeline? Even if you haven’t, leave a comment below to describe what you think of the changes.

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