Facebook’s Home announcement leaks

April Fools Day

The details of Facebook’s Home announcement have been leaked online. The social networking giant posted invites to press last week to press saying ‘Come See Our New Home on Android’. Naturally online speculation went into overdrive suggesting once again that Facebook will release it’s own phone.

In the early hours of this morning, the contents of the Home presentation was leaked online at pastebin.com a favourite for those wanting to anonymously spill the beans.

Thanks to the doc, we now know that on Thursday April 4th at 10am Pacific Time, Facebook will announce integration with Android’s home button. This is tier 1 access to the OS that is unprecedented on Android. The feature will be officially known as ‘Facebook Home’ and allows users to swipe up from the home button and receive all the common Facebook functions from a single unified interface.

By using new swipe gestures Facebook’s Timeline, Camera, Messages, Pages and Calendar are all on offer with a single swipe. In a pie chart style UI, users will swipe in increments of 20 degrees from the home button to access each of these features.

Initially the struggling HTC will offer ‘Facebook Home’ into their own Sense UI, with Samsung, LG and Sony also committing to adopt Facebook Home integration sometime later this year. Naturally any changes to the operation of system level buttons will attract a lot of attention and since the leak, has generated a big reaction online.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has declined to comment on the leak, but a move this size will undoubtedly increase Facebook use and stock price.

Google have said they will consider how Facebook Home could integrate with Google Now and will wait for user feedback before making a decision on April 1, 2014.

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