Film Industry appeal against iiNet dismissed


The lawsuit appeal against internet giant iiNet by the Film Industry has been dismissed in Federal Court today. This lawsuit has had the possibility of intensely effecting users and industry of the internet. If this lawsuit had passed ISPs may have been required to put harsh preventions in place to prevent its users from downloading illegal content.

Back in 2008 local and overseas studios sued iiNet, accusing them of not putting measures in place to prevent its customers from downloading and sharing illegal and pirated movies and content. In February of 2010 iiNet had won the original court case but the Film Industry appealed.

Outside federal court this afternoon chief executive of iiNet, Michael Malone said “All this legal action hasn’t stopped one customer from “illegally” downloading in Australia.” Also that the case has cost the company $6.5 million.

Malone also said in a statement “We urge the Australian film industry to address the growing demand for studio content to be delivered in a timely and cost effective manner to consumers and we remain eager to work with them to make this material available legitimately”

Neil Gane, executive director of AFACT said "this was a case where iiNet admitted to tens of thousands of copyright infringements occurring on its network". He questioned why they didn’t "have to lift its finger to prevent them".

The case now may move to Australia’s High Court.

Read more @ SMH and TorrentFreak

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