Firefox 10 now available, stay with Chrome or IE

In the latest chapter of browser wars, Mozilla has just released their latest offering – Firefox 10. If you’re like me each new version of the browser you install and try out, see what new and see if a new default has arrived. Sadly this is not the case with the milestone version 10 release of Mozilla Firefox.


Strangely the Firefox 10 ‘What’s new’ page is filled with quotes like “A better browser for the great good” and a 2 minute video that has nothing to do with the product, but all about their ‘different’ company. Sorry Mozilla, I just don’t care about your charitable non-profit mantra, I care about the best browser and the reality is that Firefox isn’t it.

There’s just nothing new on offer here, which frankly just disappointing from a version 10 release. Look through the features page for Firefox and it’s the same old story, improved standards support, faster speed, etc, that’s all great, but you can’t be as good as the competition to win, you need to be better, much better.


Somewhere along the way, around the time Chrome arrived in the market, you lost your way and your fans have gone. While I’m sure there’s still some die-hards out there that love Firefox, most have moved on. Looking ahead there is always an opportunity for the company to get over themselves and actually built a better product, a different product, an innovative product. Even IE was able to rebuilt and transform into a viable option again.

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