Ford Australia give Wodonga youth the driving skills to stay safe for life

Ford Australia brought their ‘Driving Skills for Life’ program to Wodonga today, on the back of events in Sydney, Melbourne, Coffs Habour With a great turnout to the morning and afternoon sessions, the youth of Wodonga were educated about operating a vehicle safely.

The training included a driver briefing which dealt with distractions and impairments they need to avoid, aligning closely with the company’s ‘eyes on the road, hands on the wheel mantra’.

On hand were a number of Ford vehicles, including the bold Ford Focus RS which loves the Logic track, as regular readers would have seen from our review last year.

Participants also took turns visiting different driving stations. This large area along side the track was converted to an obstacle course where drivers jumped into Ford’s Escapes to navigate the cones.

Another station contained demonstrations of braking in the wet. For this a Ford Fiesta was used. This helps new drivers understand the braking distances and the differences in stability in wet conditions.

If you’ve ever seen videos from the Facebook page Dash Cam Owners Australia, you’ll know just how terrible some Aussie drivers can be. So any additional education is helpful to the cause. In many ways driving education provided by a vehicle manufacturer makes a lot of sense as these are the people that know vehicles and their capabilities inside and out.

While today’s training was conducted in Ford vehicles, the skills learned are transferable regardless of the vehicle participants end up driving on the road.

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