Ford SYNC 3-equipped vehicles can now use Waze

Waze is the popular real-time traffic and navigation service and Ford owners can now use the service on their integrated touch screen. Australian Ford vehicles (via SYNC AppLink) can take their pick between controlling the app using touch or voice commands. This is available for owners of Ford SYNC 3-equipped vehicles and allows easier access to features including finding efficient traffic routes, locating cheaper petrol prices and reporting traffic accidents.

Simply connect your iPhone or Android device to the USB port of the vehicle, with the Waze app on the phone, it’ll be projected onto the vehicle’s touch screen. The eliminates the need to rely on the device’s capabilities, instead leveraging the larger display, better positioned microphone and speakers of the vehicle.

One of the best features is being able to share your real-time location with friends or colleagues. If you’re running late for a meeting, sharing your location will let people know how late you’re likely to be, a far better communication option than a text message, this allows people to plan around your ETA, rather than endlessly wait and become frustrated.

Senior Applications Engineer of Infotainment at Ford Motor Company, George Christopoulos said,

“Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for people to access the smartphone features, apps and services they care about most in the car, without having to pick up their device. With Waze, our customers get the benefits they’re accustomed to with the added luxury of experiencing them on a bigger screen.”

In addition to the ability to report on heavy traffic, accidents and petrol prices, Ford’s integration of Waze includes recent app updates such as ‘talk to Waze’, which lets you control the app via voice command. Features also include route support for high-occupancy vehicle lanes (carpool lanes), providing additional navigation options and more accurate arrival times.

Product lead, in-car applications at Waze, Jens Baron said,

“We’re excited drivers of Ford SYNC 3-enabled vehicles will now be able to use Waze for iOS right from their dashboard, getting access to features like planned drives, alternative routes, talk to Waze voice commands and more.

They’ll also benefit from the best routes and most accurate ETAs, thanks to our global community of drivers on the go who update the map in real-time – helping our mission to one day eliminate traffic.”

To deliver optimal driving directions and traffic updates, Waze uses crowdsourcing to gather information about road conditions from all of its users. People simply type in their destination and drive with the app open to contribute data to Waze’s community of users. At the same time, people can take a more active role by sharing reports from the road, including notifying the community of accidents, hazards or route changes that were previously unknown.

By working together, the aim is for people to help each other improve the quality of their commute. Waze can help commuters avoid congested roads in favor of other routes, or see when their friends are expected to arrive at their destination. Users can even help each other save a few dollars by sharing petrol prices as they travel, allowing people to navigate to the cheapest nearby station.

Accessing and using Waze on SYNC AppLink in your Ford vehicle

To access Waze on AppLink in your Ford vehicle, you’ll need SYNC 3 software version 3.0 or greater installed in your vehicle. You’ll also need iOS 11.3 and the Waze app downloaded on your phone. For the full set of instructions and for more information, please visit

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  1. Like a lot of apps you can transfer to your car sync3 from your iphone or Android you are using data so no good for people like me who only use prepaid for their mobile. It’s not worth me having a plan as I rarely use my mobile so I would soon run out of download when using GPS maps or any other apps for any length of time.
    Looks like I will have to wait for Ford to get their act into gear with map updates.

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