Forget Malcolm, I want all of our politicians to have the fastest NBN

It has been revealed that Australia’s PM Malcolm Turnbull has some of the fastest NBN connected to his mansion in Point Piper. He also organised the hookup at  Kirribilli and now has a 100/40Mbps connection.

While many online are outraged about jumping the cue to have his properties connected. Personally I’m glad the person in Australia’s top job has the best internet and I’d like it to go further, I want all our politicians to have the best possible internet.

The reason for this is that only with real, lived experience on high speed internet, can our elected officials truly understand the benefits of the NBN and the opportunities afforded by it. With that level of understanding they can then better understand why the top speed tiers are what all Australians should be getting.

Nobody likes cue jumpers, but having the people who directly steer the NBN have positive experiences with it should yield some real benefits. It is tempting to want the politicians to suffer the same injustices of connection delays, cancellations and poor speed that many Australians have, but I believe the biggest issue is a lack of imagination of what’s possible and that’s only solved by showing it to them, first hand.

More information at Buzzfeed.

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Jason Cartwright
Jason Cartwright
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