Formula E to receive upgrades for season two


Formula E has just passed the mid-way point of the first season and the new all-electric category is a hit with motorsport fans and TV broadcasters. In a sport that relies so much on the future promise of technology, its not surprising there’s already questions about where innovation and improvements may come in season 2. For the first four years of the category, teams use the same base Spark-Renault SRT_01E while modifying within a strict set of regulations.

Looking forward to season two Formula E, Spark Racing Technology have identified a number of areas that will receive updates next season.

Spark technical director Theophile Gouzin confirmed:

“We’re constantly improving the car’s mechanical components in order to meet street circuit requirements. We already have an idea of which parts need further development such as upgrades to the car’s suspension and braking system. Recently, we have been working on the brakes with a view to improving consistency on track.”


Next season the sport will grow with new manufacturers entering the competition as the FIA regulations regarding the powertrain are opened up. Spark president Frederic Vasseur said that there will be a change to the company’s organisational structure to handle the different demands this will create. This may include a member of staff from Spark working with each team to integrate changes successfully.

“Both the influx of new manufacturers and the need to assist with new engine integration demand a slight change to our organisational structure, which is a challenge we look forward to,” he said.

Below is the mid-season update from Spark Racing Technology, reflecting on the 2014/15 season and looking forward to 2015/16.

More information at FIA

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