Forza 4 Steering Wheel at Tokyo Game Show

Forza 4 CSR Steering Wheel TGS
Image credit: CheapyD on Flickr

Forza fans rejoice, there’s a new game on the way (early October), complete with brand new accessories. The Forza 4 steering wheel and pedals set was on display at the Tokyo Game Show (going on right now). It is quite an upgrade on the original Microsoft Xbox Steering Wheel and pedals, providing a much more towards a realistic racing wheel, to please the hardcore driving fans.

At the bottom of the photo the details card shows a price tag of $31,490 Yen, translated to Aussie dollars, that puts the whole set CSR wheel, shifter and pedals is around A$395.77.

If that’s not enough for you, then you may want to consider the CSR Elite, just make sure your getaway from the bank is in a fast car. Forza 4 is due out early October, expect the CSR accessories shortly after.


For more information, check out Fanatec.

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