Forza 5 Xbox One Gameplay Preview


    Those lucky sons of bitches at the Escapist got to see some new gameplay video from Forza5. Thanks to the friendly internet we get to see the video as well. This is one Aussies in particular will want to watch as it features more unseen footage of Bathurst and the Rockstar V8SC.

    Brian Ekberg Community Manger for Forza Motorsport says that while they could have added Bathurst a couple of years ago, the nature of the twists, turns and elevation changes of Bathurst could only be done justice by their new laser scanning technique.

    Ekberg goes on to say that he believes that its important that real racing be done at 1080 and 60fps for the best experience. This is important as we recently discovered a number of Xbox One games will support just 720p at launch.

    There’s no doubt about it, Forza 5 is looking amazing and with the inclusion of V8 Supercars, F1, and many other game modes it’s set to be the best version by far.


    Now watch the gorgeous gameplay preview video.

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