FOX News newsroom of the future, runs Windows 8


FOX News apparently believes the future of newsrooms need massive touchscreens. There are retooling to cover the news in what they say are the way consumers want it.

Information specialists will be on camera, using 55” Touchscreens to validate and expose any breaking news that happens across the web. Fox can take the video feed of any of these display and send it live on air at any time. Well done, you bought a HDMI switcher. The displays look ridiculously large and these people are about to discover the long running complaint about touchscreens of getting tired arms. Most people who use touchscreens can do selectively where it makes sense. t looks like the only input mechanism for these monsters is touch.

The displays are running Windows 8 and FOX staff apparently received weeks of intense training on their use. Another ‘innovation’ from FOX is the control of a 38 foot video wall using a wii-style remote. It’s a visually impressive gimmick that is probably the closest thing to minority report we’re likely to see for a few years.


FOX should be applauded for responding to the changing nature of news delivery. As we know, much of the news covered is simply a rehash of what we already knew from online sources like Twitter and Facebook. FOX are trying to walk the dangerous line between live coverage of events and validating sources. Overall it’s a pretty easy thing to do, unconfirmed reports just need to be explained as such. The bigger challenge is verification of those sources, especially when those sources are just as valid when they come from a citizen on the street or a 100 year old newspaper.


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