Foxtel mobile strategy for iOS, Android, WP7 a confused mess

    Foxtel Mobile

    Foxtel is Australia’s largest PayTV service, as the penetration of IPTV delivered content has consumers cutting un-necessary monthly, Foxtel needs to evolve. One such evolution is the move to allow Xbox 360 owners to avoid getting yet another set-top-box top access Foxtel. The next frontier is mobile access.

    Recently we seen Foxtel release mobile applications for the three major mobile platforms, iOS, Android or Windows Phone 7. While it’s refreshing to see an application launch include all platforms at once, the devil is in the detail. These apps don’t allow for a simple sign into your account and watching your Foxtel channels on the go. Instead they are just a fancy TV Guide with the ability to record.

    It may be great functionality, but when it comes to watching live, the story becomes much more confused and limited.

    Mobile FOXTEL from Telstra is currently available on a range of compatible Next G™ handsets, iPhone™ 3G, iPhone™ 3GS, iPhone™ 4, and our mobile tablet range of devices including the the Apple iPad® and iPad® 2.

    So to access Foxtel from your Xbox doesn’t attract additional charges, but access it from your mobile and you’ll need to pull out your credit card. Packages start at $12 per month or $4 for a day pass. This cost is on-top of your existing subscription, which is kind of insane. If your already paying a premium price and advert-heavy subscription to Foxtel, as well as your monthly to Telstra for the data plan, why should you pay again ?

    There are 6 packs to choose from so you can create your own mobile FOXTEL experience. Packages start from just $12 per month.

    Telstra has spent billions of dollars building out their NextG network and recently launched their next generation 4G network. It is applications like watching streaming video on the go that demands these kind of high network speeds. It’s capabilities and partnerships like the ability to stream Foxtel on Telstra that sets them apart from competitors. While the exclusive deal with Telstra may piss off some Foxtel subscribers using other carriers, the reality is their networks probably couldn’t handle it anyway. 

    Cord cutters are moving to free IPTV alternatives, so if Foxtel wants to reverse that trend, Foxtel has to address the pricing model and available for live streaming across all mobile platforms, if they want any kind of serious user adoption.

    More information @ Foxtel.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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