Foxtel on Xbox 360 launches, still artificially limited

Foxtel on Xbox 360

While the Xbox 360 Dashboard update rollout started last week, today some Xbox 360 owners have something else new and shiny to play with. If you happen to be in a FOXTEL areas (essentially that’s not Austar), then you can skip the FOXTEL set-top box and just use your Xbox 360 instead. One of the big advantages of getting Foxtel this way is there’s no subscription tie in. This means you can take it or leave it each month, or choose a different package (bundle of channels) each month. Oh and there’s no up-front cost.

Foxtel on Xbox 360 requires an Xbox Live Gold Subscription, if you have that, then register at Existing Foxtel customers can join their Foxtel account and their Foxtel on Xbox 360 account so their talking the same language. Wether your new or existing, you’ll start out with at least the ‘Get started’ pack for A$19.50 for a month. Optional packages include Sport for A$10, Showtime Movies for $15, Movie Network for A$15 and Entertainment for A$15. You can see the breakdown of which channels land in which package below.

Foxtel on Xbox 360

It turns out IP delivered video will cost you downloads, imagine that.. so its important you have a decent internet cap before jumping into Foxtel for Xbox 360.

There are 3 different streaming qualities, and each will use a different amount of bandwidth. High quality streaming will use approximately 800mb/hr, medium quality will use approximately 540mb/hr, and low quality will use approximately 360mb/hr. Additionally, we recommend an internet connection speed of 1.5mbps for a smooth streaming experience.

After all that if you still have questions, Jinx has a great Q&A over at InsiderX.

I’d love to give you a hand-on video of the Foxtel on Xbox 360 experience, problem is I happen to live in a non-Foxtel serviced area. This restriction comes from a non-compete agreement between Foxtel and Austar, which may make sense when you talk about broadcast regions, but when it comes to IP-delivered content this makes no sense at all. So the internet, the technology that is supposed to be the great equaliser now has these falsified regions created to protect who ? Austar.. ? Well where’s there competing service ? I’ve never been a Foxtel subscriber, but the convenience of Foxtel on Xbox 360 made me willing to hand over $20+ per month, but apparently Foxtel don’t want my money.

More info @ Xbox Australia

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