Foxtel on Xbox 360 now available to regional (Austar) areas

Foxtel on Xbox 360 now available Australia-wide

In the past the IP-based delivery of Foxtel channels on your Xbox 360 had been artificially limited to specific geographical areas. Those areas being the metro locations where Foxtel via satellite was available and those of us living in regional Australia were excluded.

As we know IPTV content is technically capable of being pushed wherever an internet connection is available and that your geographical location has no impact. Thankfully today that silly restriction has been removed. Xbox owners living in Austar areas can now signup for the service without the need for another set top box.

This change has come about as a result of Foxtel’s recent acquisition of Austar. While there may have been an initial concern for lack of competition in the PayTV space, the now nationally available Foxtel on Xbox 360 is one big upside. It is important to note that an Xbox Live Gold subscription is required.

It is also worth noting that BigPond subscribers won’t have to worry about bandwidth caps when watching Foxtel on Xbox 360 as the IPTV stream is unmetered. There are 4 packages available normally,  however customers can sign up for the LONDON 2012 Olympic Games channels to watch eight dedicated LONDON 2012 channels including every Gold Medal LIVE starting from July 25, 2012. These extra channels don’t come cheap at a once off $50.00.


Over the coming weeks, I’ll be spending time with Foxtel on Xbox 360 and bring you a full review of the service.

If you’d like to signup, head to

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