Fruit Ninja Kinect slices its way to Xbox Live (updated w/video)

Fruit Ninja Kinect

The popular mobile game Fruit Ninja has just made its way to the big screen.. your TV. The trial is free, but the full game will set you back 800 Microsoft points. If you don’t like fruit or just want to practice up on your mad ninja skillz, then check out Fruit Ninja Kinect.

Initially impressions of the game is that its actually a load more fun than the mobile version. This is a great, fun use of Kinect and I’d love to see more of it. Angry Birds Kinect anyone ? Being a ninja isn’t easy, using full body movements in the game could become part of your next exercise regime.

This game has some of the most accurate gesture tracking of any Kinect title. There is however one issue, the calibration screen shows up far too often, with no environmental changes like lighting or number of players. Still, lets hope this accuracy continues in future Kinect titles.

After purchasing the full game, 15 minutes later I not only had a bit of a sweat worked up, but 2 Avatar Awards (Kung Fu Sensei Shirt, Fruit Ninja T-Shirt) as well as a number of achievements. This could get addictive.

Check out some hands-on video below.

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