Fusion broadband has the fastest wireless NBN

The NBN is well on its way. Only this month, my area is starting construction according to the rollout map. But for those areas that are won’t have a fibre connection, you will be able to boost your NBN Fixed Wireless Download Speed from 12Mbps to in excess of 50Mbps and 25Mbps uploads with Fusion Broadband.


The process is simple, and is currently available on ADSL connections; however, it comes at quite a cost. To achieve fixed wireless speeds above, you will need to subscribe to the process called “bonding”. This essentially merges multiple internet connections into one, to deliver exceptional speeds.accelerate-connection1

By bonding multiple internet connections together, you get much more than fasters speeds. You receive network reliability, quality of service, data compression and many more benefits.

However, bonding isn’t just for Fixed Wireless users. If you have a NBN connection, you will be able to take part bonding to get even greater speeds. Fusion Broadband isn’t the only company that offers Bonding. iiNet has been offering it to business customers as well.

If you are looking for a software based bonding service and a cheaper alternative, you might also want to look at Connectify Dispatch for a once off fee of $45.

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