Gaming Elite get your Credit Cards ready.. 9800 GTX Tri-SLI

    Nvidia’s soon-to-be, brand new market leader, the big daddy of the gaming world, the 9800 GTX has just been benchmarked by TweakTown. In only the most extreme way possible – Triple SLI.

    9800 GTX Tri-SLI
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    For those unacquainted with SLI setups, it uses multiple graphics cards to render more frames, faster. By doubling the video card, you do loose some overhead, benchmarks usually show around 1.8x the speed.

    However given Tri-SLI’s still an early technology, the drivers still need some work.. lot’s of work. This setup promises so much potential.. I’d expect around 2.5-2.7x more than a single card to warrant the additional cost of 3 top-end cards.

    Crysis Screen Shot 

    If you’ve been alienated that your new gaming rig still won’t play Crysis on high res, then your quest for ultimate very high quality, and playable frame rates, will have to wait just a little longer.

     Crysis benchmark for 9800 GTX
    Image source

    Until the drivers improve I’d stick with 2 cards for now, as the results of these benchmarks don’t show much (if any) improvement over normal SLI. However if your thinking of doing some hardcore gaming the future, get a motherboard that can support all 3.

    More @ Tweaktown via Engadget

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