GE WiFi-enabled fridge becomes first fridge on IFTTT


The magical no-code automation service, IFTTT has learnt a new trick, talking to fridges. As our home appliances become internet connected, they can play a part in our smart homes thanks to the service IFTTT. GE Fridges are the first connected fridge to be compatible with IFTTT and offers plenty of recipies.

Once you connect your WiFi-enabled fridge as a Channel on IFTTT, a you can have events like the fridge door being open or closed, or alterations to the temperature as a result from data elsewhere in your house, or the world.

Below are some of the best recipies we’ve found, but these will only continue to grow with submissions from the community.


Office fridge monitor

Notes: Every once in a while, your office fridge might need enough self-awareness to post to a Twitter feed when a door is opened. We’ll leave any office drama to you.


If door alarm triggers, blink my lights

Notes: Oops! Someone left their fridge door open too long. Use this Recipe to have your Hue lights blink so you can be sure to take action!


If the fridge door is opened then turn on your lights

Notes: Stumbling through the dark for a late night snack? This recipe will light your way by turning on your kitchen lights when you open the fridge door.


If a power outage is likely, then set the fridge colder to help preserve food

Notes: Does inclement weather cause frequent power outages? Use this recipe to lower the temperature in your fridge to help preserve food should you lose power. Be sure to use another recipe to reset to normal set points!



GE also offers other home appliances that are WiFi-enabled, including Rangehoods and Ovens, Washing machines, as well as home security products, don’t be surprised if these join IFTTT soon.

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