Gears of War 3 beta ends tonight. Nooooo!

GOW3 beta

Those of us lucky enough to have scored a key to play the Gears of War 3 beta will have the awesomeness taken away in just a few hours. This sad news is confirmed by the Gears of War blog.

After four weeks of executions performed, medals awarded, skins unlocked, and enemies decimated, our time together in the Gears 3 Beta is coming to an end. The servers go dark at 2:00 AM PDT on Monday, May 16, after which you will be unable to connect to multiplayer matches. If you want to hang on to any of your retail unlocks earned during the Beta, please do not delete your Gears 3 Beta saved games—you can delete the Beta executable itself, but hang on to those saves! (Step-by-step details below.) Thanks again for playing, and we’ll see you again on September 20!

Gears of War is arguably the second my successful FPS franchise on the Xbox 360, second only to Halo. For those who did miss out, I feel sorry for you. This game is awesome ! Destructible environments, new levels, weapons, and the ability to see weapon locations all come together to shape GOW3 for another smash success. I had a thoroughly good time playing. There seriously is no other feeling like sawing your opponent in half from behind with a chainsaw on the end of your lancer.

For those that missed out, check out some photos I snapped before its all over.

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