Gemmill Homes selling houses with smart technology included

If you live in Western Australia, then you may want to choose your home builder very carefully. While on the surface it may seem like they all offer the same outcome, but in an ultra-competitive space, companies are turning to technology to differentiate.

Gemmill Homes has partnered with Perth based iZone, to provide new home builders with home automation that enables you to control your air conditioning, lighting, irrigation, power, entertainment and security systems. The ability to control your home from your smart device is certainly an appealing prospect and will certainly make your guests incredibly jealous.

iZone also supports IFTTT which enables you to connect with other home automation services, this means your home’s smartness is really limited by your imagination. You can turn on an appliance like the kettle, dim the lights, or even water the garden. Or you can even set a schedule, so you don’t have to do anything at all. The iZone system will do all the work.

Residential building expert and Managing Director of Gemmill Homes, Craig Gemmill says the iZone technology is a must have for anyone looking at designing their new home.

Gemmill said,

The iZone system is easy to use and incredibly efficient.

It allows you to manage your energy use, so you will save money on your electricity bill, and also allows you to help the environment in the process.

The new technology uses the same CAN Bus protocols that Mercedes and BMW incorporate into their luxury cars. The Wi-Fi and 4G enabled iZone App enables you to control everything in your home via your smart phone or tablet.

The iZone’s web service works from anywhere in the world, so you can control your smart home over 4G, great if you’re ever concerned you’ve left a device on wasting power. iZone is an Australian company and their understanding of Australia’s unique climate, has been used in the development on the smart technology. Users can create up to nine ‘favourite’ zone scenarios to suit their lifestyle, then schedule these ‘favourites’ to match everyday living.

Director of iZone, Mike Temple, said the business is about making things work better and helping Australians overcome the huge costs associated with their electricity usage.

We’re really big into energy efficiency. If you add temperature control to house and air conditioning, you lower the running costs of the air conditioning, and if you add LED lighting control, you lower the energy consumption.

The benefits of iZone smart technology in residential homes:

  • Future proof: Build your smart home as quickly or slowly as you like. Use one product or get all of them. It ensures the iZone is affordable, flexible and scaleable for future needs.
  • Complete Air Control: iZone technology allows you to control the temperature of every individual room in the house. Direct airflow to only the rooms you choose, for maximum efficiency and savings.
  • Improve your productivity: Remove the need for mundane tasks by using the iZone technology to set a schedule. Improve the productivity of your home by managing all devices and increasing your families comfort.
  • Save money on your bill: Zone controller detects if a room is unoccupied. iSense will then automatically adjust the room temperature or switch off the air conditioning to that room. iSense significantly improves energy efficiency and reduces the running cost of ducted air conditioning system’s in homes and offices.
  • Help the Planet: The iZone technology not only saves you money on your electricity by managing how much power you use, but it also helps the environment and allows you to manage your level of usage.
  • A secure investment: Customers receive a full 10-year warranty on the iZone system and have easy to access customer service and support locally.

Further information on Gemmill Homes and iZone can be found here and

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  1. AMAZING!!! Thank you so much for sharing about smart home technology! It’s a Genius!!! it makes life more comfortable by giving you smart control over the things you use every day.

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