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    Google Maps on iOS

    Since Apple decided to go its own way with Maps, there’s been reports that a Google created, Google Maps for iOS on the way. Well now the wait is over. If you’ve been unhappy with Apple Maps, there’s now a great free alternative – Google Maps.

    This release has far reaching effects on the mobile GPS app market as it offers turn-by-turn directions for free. Other paid navigation apps may have pretty UI, but asking consumers to fork over $30-$80 for an app is now a very tough sell.

    Google Maps for iOS features Google Street View and the 360 degree panoramas also extend indoors. More than 100,000 businesses have had the Google cameras capture their internals and are no available on the go. Only problem will be those pesky concrete jungles tend to kill network coverage.

    Overall, it’s great to see Google deliver an alternative to the troubled Apple Maps, which now appear to be an expensive venture for Apple. So let us know, will you switch back to the tried and true Google Maps or stick with Apple Maps for some 3D eye candy?


    Get it now @ iTunes

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