Get ready for Robots at CES 2014, meet RoboThespian


Meet RoboThespian, a creation from a robot that will be appearing at CES in 2014. While most companies attend the largest consumer electronics show in the world to showcase their upcoming wares (not warez) due in the next 12 months, IEEE are coming with a difference. The group has has been creating standards for more than 100 years.

Want to know what your cell phone might look like in 20 years?

RoboThespian is a pretty stunning demonstration of what our robot overlords will look like in the future. The digital eyes look and act like real eyes, despite being small LCD displays, they have simulated eye lids to feel more real. The robot can dance, do card tricks and tell stories, as well has having fine motor skills through use of it’s ten, very human like fingers.

Unlike robots of the past, the smarts are small enough to fit inside his body, and makes for a very human frame. We all know robots don’t have feelings.. right? Well the multi-colour LEDs behind the iRobot-like body parts, can reflect RoboThespian’s mood. Just stand back when the turn red.

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