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    TechEd DevNote-016

    #LovedItRated is a new hash tag that Microsoft are pushing for users to include when giving feedback about apps. @Coatsy also talked about how important it is for developers to be attentive to feedback. As the developer of WP8 app Carboncast, I’m extremely aware of this. Particularly when you charge for an app, users are very keen to give you information to help improve.

    How you choose to ask for this feedback in the app varies dramatically and can have significant differences in the quality and volume of feedback you receive. Reminding users on a regular interval, after a certain number of launches, or even counting the time the app is running are all valid methods. Developers have to walk the fine line between asking politely for feedback and being annoying which would result in negative feedback.

    Just be sure if you are going to use the #LovedItRatedIt tag, that you also include the name of the app or developer handle to get ensure your feedback is seen. Often twitter isn’t the best platform to provide feedback, but it can be enough for short quick convenient feedback. For the detailed stuff, the developer should provide an email address or form in-app to collect that.

    For those waiting for the long awaited Carboncast 1.5 update.. I’ll have an post specifically on this soon, but can say it’s being worked on daily and will be great when it ships.

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