GIGJAM will be part of the Office Suite in 2016 and Gigjam is not just a codename


Gigjam is one of the wildest things to come out of Microsoft in some time, HoloLens is the craziest. Microsoft has officially revealed that Gigjam will be the next product added to the Office productivity suite. The app allows users to feed it voice commands to surface data on the screen. The key here is that you can keep doing it, call up a customers list, a products list, your email and Gigjam can find matches between those data sets. There’s some seriously crazy work going on with the addition of new touch gestures that allow users to simply circle data to select what they want to share, and users can also just draw a cross over a field (like price) which sharing info with potential clients.

At the Office 2016 launch event in San Francisco, we got a great demo of Gigjam in action on the Surface Pro 3 and mobile integrations where users create ‘Gigs’ aka combined sets of data. This kind of experience is only really possible with content in the cloud, but will have an API for 3rd parties to integrate their data sets. This means if you use Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange but also use Salesforce for their CRM, then Gigjam could combine all data together in intelligent ways.


Vijay Mital, GM at Microsoft, tells us that that Gigjam is not just a codename, it is the product name that will ship as part of Office in 2016. It’s already in the hands of a select number of businesses in private beta, with a public beta due early next, ahead of the full release. Right now the development team is quite small for Gigjam, but there’s a definite buzz inside the company about the product. Some of that comes from the new interaction pieces, but most comes from the potential to deal with very big data sets, very quickly.

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