GM of Microsoft Surface doing an AMA on Reddit right now


    Well played Microsoft. Having the General Manager, Panos Panay do an ask me anything on Reddit to coincide with pricing, availability and pre-orders is great timing. Currently there’s almost 8,000 users reading and contributing to the Q&A.

    To bolster the experience on the Microsoft side, there’s also Ricardo Lopez, Test Manager for Surface RT. There is some great questions being fired at the Surface team and some pretty open responses.

    One Reddit user asked about the lack of NFC integration when it’s being pushed so heavily. Microsoft’s Hardware lead on Surface replied that “the product design experience we were aiming for with Surface, the Mg metal enclosure, including the back case, was critical. This made good antenna design for NFC a trade-off in our development process.”

    There was also questions on the speed at which you can type on the new Touch and Type covers. A member of the Surface team says he is able to achieve 86 wpm on the Touch Cover.

    There’s plenty of other great pieces of information for uber Surface fans to sift through, so check it out over @ Reddit.

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