Gold Coast man has 6 Powerwalls, creates residential power station


    When Tesla announced the Powerwall, they included a detail that many skipped over, the system scales. This Powerwall scaling meant you could add more Powerwalls (up to 9) to match your usage and while many households could get away with one or maybe 2 at the most, a Gold Coast man has added no less than 6 battery packs to his garage.

    Clayton Lyndon engaged the services of Natural Solar, to creating was is essentially a residential power station powered by batteries.


    Operating at full efficiency, this installation (and others like it) are expected to produce a massive 36,355kWh each year, reduce carbon emissions and offset coal fired power by 34,173.7kg per annum and is likely to completely offset the customer’s power bill leaving him energy positive from day one.

    If the Powerwalls were used to maximum capacity, Lyndon would be able to store and save the equivalent of $13,000 of energy per year. Based on the figures of 100% consumption, the return on investment will be 4-5 years on this system. In reality, the payback will be much greater with even the most elaborate mansion it’d be difficult to chew through that much power. It does however show off the scalability of the system and should there ever be an extended blackout, he could basically recharge a city’s worth of phones.


    The first Tesla Powerwall installation in Australia was back in January 2016, and reports are that interest in the Tesla Powerwall has been massive. Consumers are now looking at capturing enough energy to disconnect from the grid completely and avoid hefty service connection charges. With enough battery storage, you can avoid the micro-management of power and device usage in your house and simply use technology the way you want and confidently know there’s plenty of juice in reserve.

    Jason Cartwright
    Jason Cartwright
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