Google eBooks now available in Australia

Google ebookstore in Australia

Today Google launched their eBook store in Australia. Featuring more than 2 million titles, the eBooks are are available across almost every device you can think of. Just like Apple’s iBooks, Google also recognises that we own multiple devices and want to read books across a number of them. Whenever a network connection exists, the last page read is pushed to Google servers, then launching eBooks on another device looks for and opens to that location.

While the prices of most books are very similar to iBooks, there are a number of uniquely Australian titles available with Google that Apple just simply doesn’t have. Another difference between these two competitors is the diversity of devices supported. Apple’s iBooks requires iTunes on the desktop, yet books can not be read on the laptop or pc, as for devices, it’s iOS only.

Google take device support to the next level, with support for Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, any web browser and even eBook readers like the Kindle. Assuming you already have a Google account, reading a book is as simple as visiting the Google eBook store in your browser of choice and clicking buy. When accessing Google eBooks via the web, it’s instant, there are no downloads to wait for as the books are not stored locally on your machine, instead on Google servers.

Google ebookstore Australia

If you download a mobile app, then books are cached for offline readability. The biggest omission at this point is Windows Phone, while the top 2 mobile operating systems are supported, WP7 is growing slowly and should also receive an app for the ultimate support. While you can access the Google eBooks via any mobile browser, the experience and scaling of the text is not an enjoyable experience.

If you’re still not sold on the idea, then check out the promotional video from Google below.

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