Google Glass app allows you to take pictures just by winking


That didn’t take long – someone has already made Google Glass creepy. A developer has created an app that lets you take photos by using just your eye. It’s called Winky and is available through Github – it lets you power up your Glass’ from standby mode and snap a quick pic with just a wink.

The app is being deployed as a native APK file, which is different to how previous developers for the device have deployed their apps, with The New York Times and Path using the Glassware system.

The ability to so easily take pictures without talking or even using a button is bound to raise more concerns that the device will be an invasion of privacy, giving users a way to secretly record video or take pictures. If you’re hoping this will be your big chance to be a massive creep without anyone knowing – be careful, as the light that appears in front of your eyes could be a big giveaway.

Creator, Mike DiGiovanni says having voiceless control over Glass “really changes things” as using your voice or a button “takes you out of the moment”.

The video below is of him showing of some of the gestures. He says that Glass has some pretty cool sensor algorithms, meaning that it can detect the length and magnitude of wink – so you won’t be able to do just a quick wink, or accidentally do one, you will have to “scrunch up”.

(Google+ videos don’t like embedding, so just click the link below to watch)

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