Google is sneaking Chrome OS straight into Windows 8

    Image via Gizmodo
    Image via Gizmodo

    Google is about to release its ultimate trojan horse into Windows with its upcoming version of Chrome, which will essentially be Chrome OS within Windows 8.

    While Chrome within the “Modern” Windows 8 has traditionally just been a full-screened version of the desktop browser, the latest release on Google’s dev channel presents a version of the browser that both aesthetics and functionality are practically identical to that of Chrome OS. The build includes the task bar with Chrome, Google, YouTube, Gmail and Docs icons that can be arranged at the left, right or bottom of the screen – an app launcher is even included in the lower left corner to launch all your Chrome apps.

    Chrome, of course still acts as a Windows 8 application, but it uses a special mode that Microsoft has allowed for web browsers that allows them to copy Windows 8 apps and access the app contracts and snapping features of the OS – giving them the ability to almost have a layer over the top of Windows 8.

    This little sneak move is just what Google needs to slowly get Chrome OS to become a viable PC alternative, giving them a way to create its own app ecosystem right under everyone’s nose on top of Windows. Perhaps the PC war is about to start heating up again?

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