Google to release a Galaxy S4 device with stock Android


While it’s not being branded as an official Nexus device, Google will be releasing their own flavour of Samsung’s Galaxy S4 running stock Android Jellybean. The device will be available exclusively from Google Play in the USA for $649USD.

There is no word yet on any Australian release dates or prices. Although, nothing is stopping you buying a normal device and visiting XDA.

Here’s the statement Google made on its official blog:

Next month, we are adding a new Android device to the store to join our current lineup of Nexus phones and tablets. We’ve worked closely with Samsung to create a special Samsung Galaxy S4 exclusively for Google Play. It brings together cutting edge hardware from Samsung with Google’s latest software and services — including the user experience that ships with our popular Nexus devices. Starting June 26, it will be available with no contract for $649, supporting both T-Mobile and AT&T, with LTE.


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