Google TV to feature heavily at CES


    Google TV has been a project in the making for years. While we’ve seen multiple devices and even partnership deals with manufacturers, Google TV is still yet to dominate the living rom. In what’s shaping up to be the next frontier in consumer electronics, the smart TV is waiting for a dominant player to arrive.

    Google TV offered so much hope when it launched with it’s over the top control interface that interfaced with your existing boxes. The plan was to make things simple and content easily accessible by search. While great in theory, the reality wasn’t that simple.

    Boy Genius Report say that we can expect to see a lot of Google TV enabled devices at CES this year. While Samsung and LG have their own smart TV platform, they have confirmed that they will be delivering Google TV on some of their lineup. Making the experience of watching online and over the air programming, simple enough for your grandma to use is the objective here. Complicated and slow IR blasters are surely not the answer and the control interface is more likely to be your smart phone than a keyboard on the coffee table.

    I really hope that Google remember little old Australia in their creation of the next generation of Google TV. Our catch up services like iView and SBS On Demand, as well as those from Channel 7, 9 and Ten also need to be available to capture the Aussie market.

    It is surprising that there is still a disconnect between watching a commercial on TV and being able to buy the advertised product. Advertising giant Google could play a serious role in the living room, but need to be quick as competition is about to be fierce.

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