Google+ vanity URLs rolling out, as expected out of business

Google+ Username

Just like Facebook and Twitter before it, Google+ will now allow users to set their own vanity URLs. In a post on Google+, Google employee Saurabh Sharma made the announcement today explaining that the #googleplusupdate will role out over time.

To begin, they are rolling out to specially selected, high profile individuals and brands like Hugh Jackman and Toyota. Apparently Google’s marketing department got hold of this one and are including an extra character. Google+ accounts after the username has been added, will be access by visiting The + is completely unnecessary and will be easily forgotten.

There’s no firm schedule for the rollout, just saying “over time” they will roll out to all, starting with verified accounts. After Google+ was launched the username question immediately rose to the spotlight. sprung up as a 3rd party URL shortener to solve the issue. was always living on borrowed time, after today’s announcement, the clock ticking got awfully loud.


via Mashable

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