Google Web Designer Beta launches, should Adobe be worried?


Google has launched a new application called Web Designer. As you could guess from the name, it allows you to develop for the web, across multiple device types and of course it’s super easy to drop in Google Ads. The designer itself is surprisingly fully featured for a beta, containing a vector imagine editor, design and code views (not at the same time) and even the ability to play with 3D.

It’s definitely early days, with no in-built FTP to get your designs to a web server, instead offering a publish tool that simply zips your file for manual upload. There’s no intellisense or autocomplete in code view, which really speeds up development time in Visual Studio or Dreamweaver. At this point it’s not really threatening Adobe, but whenever Google enters a market, it’s something to watch closely.

There’s even an animation editor which offers two modes, quick and advanced. This is one of the first usable HTML5 animation editors available. You can download Google Web Designer Beta for free at


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