GoPro Spherical puts you inside a V8SC in 4K


There’s a tiny number of people who ever get the chance to drive a V8 Supercar. However thanks to GoPro’s latest technology, a 360 degree camera called the GoPro Spherical, you can now ride shotgun with Holden Racing Team’s Garth Tander. Better yet, you get to play director and choose where you look during the ride.

Even if you were lucky enough to score a ride in the passenger seat for a V8SC promotional ride, you’re strapped into your seat, with a helmet which all obscure your view. So when we think about what this 360 offers, its actually better than reality because you can look out the side windows and even turn fully around to look out the back. Of course you’ll need to squint to see the rear wing thanks to the insanity that is a modern-day roll cage.


If you’re internet connection is up to it, you can consume the 360 video in 2160p or 4K quality. You can navigate your way around the cabin of the 2015 VF Commodore using your mouse, or the ADSF keys.

While the V8 Supercars are in Sydney this weekend at the last race of the season, this video was shot at Holden’s Performance Driving Center in Queensland. For now, you can experience the 360 on the web, or using your mobile phone, but come next year, we’ll likely be experiencing this kind of content through headsets like the Samsung Gear VR or Oculus Rift.

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